An ever growing ball of web and light novels from around the world

The moment you start down the path of reading web novels your collection of reading links will grow. If you are reading this you’ve probably already started down that frightening path. You read one story and while waiting for the next update someone suggests another. Thus the cycle continues until you have a collection of stories rolled up large enough to become a shining star.

This blog is dedicated to collecting as many of them that have been translated for reading as possible. If you find one you think needs being added and hasn’t made it to the list feel free to suggest it. If you are reading something and want a similar story to sate you reading thirst I shall do my best to add one to suit your needs.

I shall be doing my best to give summaries and rating all stories with what ever I feel it needs to be rated with. I have not translated a single one of these myself. If you find one you like make sure to show your appreciation to the wonderful person who took their time to translate and share the wonderful story with you.

Reincarnation: These will be stories based on reincarnation themes and often have starts straight from birth while retaining memories from a previous life. Using previous life knowledge the MC will often improve their own life and often the lives of those around them. (Last update – 1/7/1)

Story/ Video Game Reincarnations: In these stories does the MC get reincarnated but they know the setting from which they were reincarnated to from their previous life. Wither it’s a much loved novel or a video game they loved they use 7their advanced knowledge to aid them. (last update – 1/7/16)

Non-Human Reincarnations: Once again the MC in these stories dies and is reborn. Unfortunately or depending on how you look at it fortunately they get reborn with their memories of their past life only this time they awaken as something decidedly inhuman and have to deal with the consequences of a non human life. Also non humans getting reincarnated. (Last update – 1/7/16)

Transported to other worlds: The ever popular and age old stories where a chosen one or few are brought across time/space/dimensions to another world. (Last update – 1/9/16)

Virtual Reality: A new and growing in popularity story line were the majority happened in video games or in some sort of virtual reality. (Last update – 10/18/15)

Time Travel: Stories that contain time travel as the main theme. Weather it be the repeating of time endlessly until the desired result is achieved or getting a head start after a rewind. ( Last Updated – 9/14/15)

Soul swap / possession:  Stories where a soul is switched with another or takes over another life and body. (Last Update – 9/7/15)

Fantasy: Yup these stories contain hard core history and science… none of which are true at all. These are stories that contain fantasy elements that don’t fall into any of the above categories.

Note: Not every story is in the “correct” category.  Sometimes due to how it progresses or reads occasional a reincarnation story may be in the transported category or similar switches.


15 thoughts on “An ever growing ball of web and light novels from around the world

  1. You can also find many of the themes taht are written here in .Guarantee for all those who want more.This is also for you Katamari-san.Though Thank for the hard work for doing this dude,just know i respect what all translator,editor and stuff for doing all of these for free.Thx yo guys are the best.


  2. Damn you. Damn damn damn damn damn dammit.

    Now have all these books to read. What the hell is wrong with you!
    Do you have any idea how long it it will take me to read all this? Probably a few weeks!
    Any ways…. this is really great. Thank you!


  3. This list is so amazing and I can’t wait for you to add more but you missed a couple… the most major being The RIsing of the Shield Hero which I believe would fall under Transported to Another World


  4. Mind if I ask you to also check out a couple of my stories? I write both Master of Dungeons and Universe Online on

    Master of Dungeons is a reincarnation/game-like fantasy story while Universe Online is a sci-fi VR story. Stats, tables and plot gallor! Lol.


  5. Omg I thought I was the only one with the continuous large amount of LN links :)) my reading list is getting larger and larger!

    Thank you for this list btw! I’m enjoying them! Hopefully you can put more links to otome game themed LNs. I’m quite obsessed with them lol


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