Soul swap / possession

Dawn Traveler [RAW]
Info: Two bodies, two, worlds, one soul. Born with the inate ability to read minds the MC does his best to understand life as he switches from one world to the next. One world a modern technological world and the other a magical fantasy world.

Eighth Son? your bloody killing, me! [RAW]
Rating: a magic sac of goodies
Warnings: boring MC but nice read nonetheless
Info: After a hard ay at work the MC goes to sleep but he wakes up in a strage bed and sorounded by people he didn’t know. Rather than be destraught about finding himself in the body of a young impovershed noble he makes use of his age and learns as much about the world he found himself in.
Tags: OP MC,

Spirit Migration [RAW]
Rating: Kou-te
Info: Waking up the MC finds himself nothing more than a disembodies spirit stuck floating alone in an unknown alter. To make matters worse he has no memories of who he is or how he got there. Unbelievable to move on his own he posses a rat passing by and explores that strange world that he has come to be in. Swapping bodies and exploring he meets new people and efects their lives.


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