Story / Video game Reincarnations

An Otome games Burriko vileness turned into Magic Otaku [RAW]
Rating: Menicial laughter
Info: A closet magic otaku the the MC lives as a not bad looking high school girl with good grades until she is pushed down a flight of stairs by a jealous classmate. rather than falling to her end her soul is wisked away to a different world. rather than being concerned with the fact she’s now a younger version of a vilaness in an otome game she was playing she’s more interested in the fact that in that world there is magic.
Tags: dense MC, some violence,

Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician [RAW] {}
Info: While logging onto his favorite VRMMORPG the MC startles a burglar and gets stabbed to death by the intruder just as it boots up. Suddeny finding himself drowning for real the MC is confused as he’s pulled to safety by his maid. The maid that served him as a child in his characters backstory in the game. he quickly realizes he’s now his character as a child and truly living out the story that was made for RP purposes.

It seems like I got reincarnated into an Yandere otome game [RAW]
Rating: When everyone is a yandere no one is a yandere… cauz they all killed each other off.
Warnings: Yandere otome game, things are gonna get creepy and violent.
Info: After dying the MC is reincarnated into a world she was familiar with. A rather violent yandere otome game and quite unpleasantly she was born as the rival to the heroin. Not wanting to die she does her best not to get involved in her eventual death. To bad the love targets still set their eyes on her anyway.

I reincarnated As A Noble Girl Vilaness, But Why Did It Turn Out This Way.. [RAW] {Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta}

I reincarnated into an otome game villainess with nothing but destruction flags [RAW]
Rating: Bring bananas
Warnings: dense MC, Endless harem,
Info: After tripping and getting a knock on her head the MC regains memories of her last life as an otaku. recognizing her current life as one in a otome game she had been playing just before dying she is horrified to realize she’s set to grow up as the main viliness who has nothing but death flags in each scenario she is in.
Tags: harem, humor,

I will live with modesty and honesty as a motto!    [ RAW ]
Rating: Oh, so fluffy!
Warnings: you will develop a love for bro con
Info: After passing away the MC realizes she has been reborn into a wealthy family. For the first four years of her life she can’t sake a strange felling of familiarity. Then one day upon being brought to her elementary school it suddenly clicks into place. Her name and where she is, is from a shojo manga she once read. She had been reborn as the bratty stuck up villain in the series. Realizing what horrors would eventually befall her if she lived such a life she vows to live an honest and good life and be a friend to the heroin when she appears instead of a hindrance.
Tags: Chuu2, fluffy

Like HELL I”m going to get captured! [RAW] {  }
Info: As if being reincarnated to a different gender was bad enough the MC finds that he was reincarnated as a capture target in a third rate otome game.  Not wanting to become someones target the MC sets out to smash his fate.

My Death Flags Show no Sign of Ending [RAW] {}
Rating: I used to vehemently hate tsunderes but seeing one from the inside out makes me love Hugo.
Info: Suddenly the MC finds himself in a strangely familiar situation. Without reason or warning he was somehow transported into his favorite RPG game that he played so many times he had every line memorized. Normally one would be happy but to his horror he was now a childhood version of Hugo, one of the most despised characters in the game and fated to a rather bad end. Trying the best to avoid a future where he meets his end while also trying to keep the story on track would be hard enough but some how his mouth is stuck spouting Hugo’s ever abusive words no matter how hard he tries no to.

The Amber sword [RAW] {  }
Info: The Mc suddenly wakes up inhabiting the body of a recently deceased villager who was attacked by an undead. Coming to realize that the world is the same world as his favorite MMORPG. Even more shocking it’s hundreds of years in the past. Using his extensive knowledge of the games history he sets out to save the world before it falls into ruin so it will never become the dangerous place that is the game.
Tags: OP MC, VG mechanics,

The reincarnated princess strikes down flags again [RAW]
Rating: One legendary class ice cream wizard
Info: After realizing the world she was reincarnated into was something from her past life the MC realize the horror that awaits her in the future. It was a rather crappy otome game where all the targets were warped in one way or another and as the rival she often died, horribly. Not wanting this she sets out to preemptively destroy capture and death flags alike.
Tags: harem

So anyways, I’m a rich boy from a noble family, and I need to steal the hero’s women for the sake of world peace. [RAW] {Kizoku no obotchan dakedo, sekaiheiwa no tameni yūsha no hiroin o ubaimasu}
Info: After playing an eroge game repeatedly until he finally got the happy ending he dies due to a heart attack and winds up meeting the goddess from the game. She informs him that she needs a hero to stop the hero. Although the hero saves the world from the demon king his wanton ways and stupidity cause worse situation when the kingdom financially collapses due to his moronic ways with money. Choosing the MC due to his life as a banker and knowledge of the game he is reincarnated in the world to stop the hero from getting his harem and causing the world to collapse after saving it.

Sorry, Oniisama [RAW]
Info: Born with a fatal ilness the MC lives thir short life bed bound with nothing to escapes her pain and lonleness except for her love of books and especialy a series about a young dashing water magician born to a family of fire magicians. Diying alone and in pain her last thoughts are about her beloved series and the end she will never read. Later she findsherself reborn and as a character in her most loved series. Even if she’s the villin who constantly tormented her beloved. Even though it’s a dirty job his hardships are necessary in order to make him grow and eventually save the world. She steels her resolve and plays her part all for her beloved brother she will be the villain.

Villaness brother reincarnation story [RAW]
Info: The MC  lives the high life as a spoiled young rich brat until the day that his sister announces her engagement to the prince. Suddenly he remembers the otome game in his past life his little sister was obsessed with. She constantly told him about it and realized he was now the brother of the girl who would eventually become the villain. Not wanting his little sister to suffer he decides to shape up and even encourage her to shed her bratty ways that their family encourages.

Truck chan 1

Truck chan 2

4 thoughts on “Story / Video game Reincarnations

  1. A passing comment about Tensei Oujo: “…and as the rival she often died, horribly.”
    It’s never explicitly stated what happens to the original Rose, but I’m pretty sure she’s never mentioned dying, and in multiple ways. House arrest for the rest of her life, yes. The possibility of a loveless marriage, yes. But nothing about dying.

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  2. Another site for Sorry, Oniisama:

    Oniichan yamete posted the story as a teaser while Apollo translations is taking it on as a project so it would (eventually) be updated there.


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