Non human Reincarnations

Astarte’s Knight [RAW]
Rating:Arrrgh guuuh rooogh
Info: After dying (by truck of course) the MC is sent to hell whereupon he is turned into the lowest of beings a ghoul and set to aimlessly patrol the lowest level of hell’s castle.

Demon king of resurrection [RAW]
Rating: lovable cast
Info: After receiving the finishing blow from the mighty hero the demon king laid dying and asked the hero to try and see his people for what they were, just people who were different them them. Passing away he wakes up to find himself reborn into the body of a human baby. After searching he finds that thousands of years have passed since his death and his people are no more and simply a legend. Possessing no ill will despite what happens he still hopes to find survivors from his nearly immortal race he once was.
Tags: OP MC, harem

Demon Noble Girl – Tale of a gentle demon [RAW] {}
Rating: Giant demonic kittens of love and death, but mostly love.
Warnings: Diabetes
Info: After being born as a demon the MC remember her past life as a human. She is soon found and makes friends with a old powerful demon and just when her life settles down she finds herself summoned to the human world. Unfortunatly the summoning fails and forces her to posses a still born baby and live in the human world. Now nother human nor demon.
Tags: OP MC

Dragon Life [RAW]
Rating: Flavorful
Warnings: Literal Man eater MC
Info: One day while munching down on a pretty girl a young dragon awakens the memories of her previous life as a hums. Tags: OP MC

Elf reincarnation cheat kingdom founding conical [RAW]
Warnings: Killer elves
Info: After living an entire life devoted to learning magic an old wizard wished to simply use it. Casting a spell to burn his memories onto his soul he passed away. Affter many lives he grows tired of living and decides to live one final time.
Tags: OP MC

Goblin Kingdom [RAW] {}
Warnings: No evolving into cool powerful species, only goblins. Evil dirty goblins.

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles [RAW] {Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore}

Good by dragon life, hello human life [RAW]
Info: The greatest and most powerful dragon to ever lived grew tired of life and after a band of humans came to slay him he simply let them ready to finally have his life end, or so he thought. Waking up he finds that he has been reborn as a simple human child. Experiencing new things he starts to take interest in life and gain a will to live.
Tags: OP MC, harem

I’m another world’s dungeon [RAW]
Rating: Interesting concept to say the least.
Warnings: Missing author, long since updated, possibly dropped
Info: After dying the MC reincarnates into a dungeon. Literally, he turns into a young dungeon. Not a master but a dungeon it’s self. Living off of the magic and life force of those who venture in but perish in their adventure. Her slowly builds his power and expands himself.
Tags: VG mechanics

I’m a spider now, so what? [RAW]
Rating: [deer][deer][deer][deer][frog][deer][deer][spider][deer][deer][deer]
Warnings: Bad for arachnophobes but good for everyone else.
Info: In the epic battle between the hero and the demon lord even space and time was torn asunder as they clashed. During the fight they passed through dimensions and the MC was killed as their powers collided breaking space dying in the process. As the whole in dimensions closed the MC’s soul was sucked in to the alternate world and wound up reincarnating into a very unfortunate life.
Tags: OP MC, VG mechanics, death, mind control, loss

In regards to my reincarnation as a slime (web Novel – Web novel is a lot further along ) [RAW]
Rating: Slimy yet satisfying
Warnings: You will learn how adorable slime can be, Non perverted (yup that’s a warning since the MC is a slime and the story comes from japan)
Info: After dying saving a friend the MC’s incoherent ramblings to himself get incorporated into his next life. Not wanting to bleed to death gives him a body without the need of blood and his lamenting at nearing the age of fourty with out loosing his virginity despite good looks and good job causes him to be blessed with the powers of a sage and his determination towards his next life gives him the power of a predator.
Tags: OP MC, VG mechanics, neutral gender MC, OP cast,

I was reincarnated as a magic academy
Rating: what do you mean a Lvl.1 dungeon cant normally summon a dragon?
Warnings: Panties everywhere.
Info: After dying an average gamer is reborn into a fantasy world. Surprisingly enough he wasn’t hit by a car, also he was reborn as the spirit of a dungeon. The very dungeons that adventures would often occur in the fantasy stories from his past life. even stranger still he was used to take care of a school used to train adventurers.
Tags: OP MC, VG mechanics, harem, panties

Maou the Yuusha [RAW]
Info: Coming into existing seemingly out of nothing a young woman finds out that she is the Maou of the world and she was born due to a yuusha being summoned. The people believe that every 100 years a maou will try and destroy the world when in truth it’s the summoning of the yuusha that bring forth the maou. Not wanting to destroy the world she has one year until the hero finds her and destroys her.
Tags: Video Game mechanics, OP MC

Rating: 8 thumbs up
Warnings: SPIDERS!, Mother fucking spiders YO!, Seriously so many spiders, baby spiders, magical spiders, talking spiders, spider centaurs, spiderwebs, killer spiders, spider MC Info: After saving the mortal child of a goddess the MC lay dying. As one last gift as a show of thanks she grants him a gift to carry over into his next life and the knowledge how to live. Waking up later he is horrified to find out he was reincarnated as a spider.
Tags: OP MC, VG mechanics,

My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated and I’m the Weakest Skeleton [RAW] {Kurasu marugoto jingai tensei- Saijyaku no sukeruton ni natta ore}
Rating: humerus
Warnings: So many skeleton and bone jokes, oh so many.
Info: After his school bush crashes the MC and the rest of his class who were out on a trip all reincarnate as monsters. While most of them get amazing forms and awesome powers he’s stuck as a weak little skeleton.

Records of the kingdom Garudenia’s rise to power [RAW]
Info: The MC suddenly finds himself walking in the words of another world. With out knowing how or why he was turned into a nearly all powerful dragon. Realizing that as a shape shifting dragon exists in such a world other being like cat girls and elf’s must exist also. So he sets out to find them only to find that non humans are treated like trash. Vowing to make use of his new found power he declares he will make a kingdom of them safe from the humans. It was the obvious reason he was brought there after all, he must save the cat girls.
Tags: OP MC, harem,

Rating: I would also demand immediate penis removal as well.
Info: After dying the MC’s soul was bound for hell but after her daughter pleaded for her sake the gods gave. her a second chance to redeem herself. Being reborn in a different world she must clean her soul.
Tags: VG mechanics, OP MC,

Re:Monster [RAW]
Rating: an all you can eat buffet
Warnings: tentical arms, everyone and everything can and will be killed and then eaten, well known so be prepared for every reincarnation series you read to be compared to it when talking about reincarnation stories
Info: After dying at the hands of a stalker the MC is reborn into a world of magic and monsters… as one of the lowest monsters there is. A average goblin. After being kicked out to fend for his self after only his third day of being born he finds that the power he had in his last life carried over. Taking full and brutal advantage of his power he rises in power through the world. Tags: Harem, OP MC, VG mechanics, rape, slavery, cannibalism

Reincarnated as a dragon’s egg
Info: The MC wakes up to realize that he’s an egg that has fallen from his nest. Rolling off he hears a voice in his head urging him to become the strongest. Thus the adventures begin as he rolls of to destiny.
Tags: VG mechanics,

Reincarnation: Empire of scales
Info: After being sacrificed in a satanic ritual the Mc finds himself face to face with the god he was sacrificed to. Interested in the MC the god decides to make him their champion in a different world.
Tags: VG mechanics, OP MC, violence, death

Spirit King Elqueenness [RAW]
Rating: a refreshing night time drizzle
Info: After living a short hated rather crappy life and dying by truck the MC is shocked that he was never supposed to be born on earth to begin with. The fact he was a foreign soul causing his misfortune. Even more shocking he was supposed to be a god of the water element in a different world which has been suffering without his presence.
Tags: OP MC

The cicada gets reborn as a dragon [RAW] Rating: One orgasming tree
Warnings: weird as fuck,
Info: A small cicada lives it’s short life emerging from the ground and flies into the air after failing to find a proper mate in it’s breif life it passes lamenting as best a cicada can. Some time later it awoke in a much larger body. Trying it’s best to make sense of it’s situation it takes up it’s new life given to it despite it’s pacifist nature.
Tags: OP MC, weird

The Guild’s cheat receptionist [RAW] {  }
Info: After dying in an accident due to the gods oversight the MC is reincarnated with a cheat as an apology. After living a harsh life she has retired ad the receptionist at a guild.
Tags: OP MC, harem, reverse harem, everyone loves the MC, Mega harem, super OP MC, gender swap, dicked or not?, secret stuff,

There was a cute chick in the hero party, so I tried confessing. [RAW]
Warnings: fantastic chuu rants to make you dizzy
Info: After dying the MC was reincarnated and a powerful demon with cheat level abilities. Rather than being a great demon lord he lives a simple life as an underling mini boss. Not wanting to hurt anyone he stays secluded in the demon kings fortress stopping any and all heroes until he fall for the cleric in the hero party. After defeating them multiple times he gives an offer. The party may all pass him and defeat his lord except her. Reluctantly they accept and she stays behind. ready for a fight she is shocked when he confesses his love for her instead.
Tags: OP MC, Chuu, lovely stuff, rants, monsters vs. humans, evil humans, good guy monsters, sweet,

The Lazy King [RAW]
Rating: Actually rather touching
Warnings: Depressing but nice things, some violence and sexy stuff but it is a story all about demons so, yeah. That should be a given.
Info: After dying the Mc reincarnates as a demon. Having no will to participate in the violent struggle of life as a demon he simply decides to sleep. As centuries pass by and countless demon lords and heros  come and go he becomes knows=n as the great demon lord who governs over the sin of sloth.
Tags: OP MC, violence

Vampire princesses rose colored dream [RAW]
Rating: hoarding tendencies never truly go away but anyone would want to hoard dragon gods if they could.
Warnings: Pure maiden hearts and stomachs,
Info: After being in an unfortunate accident and being crushed the MC lays dying in the snow and in their hazy state laments that the VG character he spent a great amount of time and money creating will simply cease to exist when he dies. Shortly after he loses consciousness he wakes up to find himself inside a coffin. Pushing his way out he soon realizes he is now inside the body of the vampire princess he used to play, moreover he also has his army of thousands of “pets” that he had collected. After being greeted enthusiastically by his most powerful pet a former event level boss he tamed he is informed that his character had spent the last hundred years asleep and that his floating castle he resided in had wandered off to an unknown land.
Tags: OP MC, gender swap, VG mechanics, war, bad stuff, good stuff, sweet maiden hunger,


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